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Continuity Software and Malam-Team Group Enter Into Partnership Agreement

Israel’s Top IT Services Provider To Offer RecoverGuard Software and DR Assurance Service To Government and Private Sector Clients

Boston, MA and Tel Aviv, Israel (July 22, 2008) – Continuity Software™, a leading provider of Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) solutions, today announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Malam-Team Group, Israel’s top IT services provider. Under terms of the agreement, Malam-Team will offer Continuity Software’s RecoverGuard™ software and DR Assurance™ service to both its government and private sector clients.

“The majority of our clients have deployed the most advanced replication and snapshot technologies available from EMC, HDS and NetApp, as well as other leading data protection and disaster recovery solutions. However, we have all been aware for some time that testing the environments just a handful of times each year is simply not sufficient. Up until recently, there were few alternatives. Certainly, testing on a weekly, monthly or even quarterly basis would be cost prohibitive,” said Zvi Bruner, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Malam-Team. “RecoverGuard’s ability to continually test DR environments and immediately report any gaps or vulnerabilities, will be viewed as a valuable and cost effective method to guarantee business continuity by most of our clients. So far, the response has been impressive. In fact, we already have one government customer that has fully deployed RecoverGuard in its production environment and a number of others in both the government and private sectors that are currently in various phases of testing and deployment.”

“Today’s sophisticated data protection and disaster recovery environments are large, complex, heterogeneous entities that include a multitude of interdependencies between production and DR sites. Even the most minor change that takes place at the production datacenter, that is not implemented appropriately at the remote site, can lead to devastating consequences. Continuity Software’s DRM solutions ensure that all gaps and vulnerabilities are found instantaneously and the appropriate personnel are notified so that they can immediately remedy the situation,” said Gil Hecht, Founder and CEO, Continuity Software. “We are sincerely honored to have been selected by Malam-Team as an addition to their robust portfolio of end-to-end IT solutions. Their high level of professional standards and commitment to quality is without question – earning them the enviable position of trusted advisor to most of the leading IT organizations in the country. We look forward to a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.”

 About Continuity Software’s RecoverGuard Software and DR Assurance Service

RecoverGuard software is an enterprise monitoring solution that continually scans a customer’s IT infrastructure – including its storage, databases and servers, as well as its replication, back-up and snapshot configurations, in order to detect data protection and disaster recovery (DR) vulnerabilities. RecoverGuard’s industry unique feature set, which consists of its patent pending Business Service Recoverability Status, Data Dependency Analysis, Data Protection SLA Management, Gap Detection and Optimization Engines, as well as its newest Interactive Dashboard and Recoverability Threat Landscape, delivers a heightened level of insight into data protection and disaster recovery environments that is unmatched in the industry.

Continuity Software’s newly announced DR Assurance Service combines the powerful capabilities of RecoverGuard software with the expertise of its DR Specialists Team. Daily statistics, tickets and event notifications are sent directly to the Continuity Software DR Specialists Team for review and analysis. When a problem is detected that will impact recoverability, a Continuity Software DR Specialist will alert the appropriate individual(s) at the customer site and provide details on the issue, as well as recommendations on how best to resolve. Continuity Software’s DR Assurance service provides customers with the ability to virtually “set and forget” yet still ensure production and DR site data is always protected and highly available.

 About Malam-Team

The Malam-Team Group, Israel’s top IT services provider, offers a variety of end-to-end IT solutions to hundreds of clients and thousands of users in all market sectors, always maintaining the highest professional standards and a true commitment to service. Among its activities, Malam-Team has a leadership position in the information availability area and it has performed many mission critical DRP projects for large enterprise customers. Malam-Team is a public company trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). For further information, please visit: https://www.malamteam.com/about-malam-team/.

 About Continuity Software

With headquarters offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and Boston, Massachusetts, Continuity Software™ is a leading provider of Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) solutions. Its RecoverGuard™ software mitigates disaster recovery (DR) risks by detecting data protection gaps between customers’ primary production and disaster recovery sites/solutions. With RecoverGuard software, customers can now confidently validate their DR strategy, and ultimately, ensure their business continuity and data protection goals. For further information, please visit: www.continuitysoftware.com, email: info@continuitysoftware.com, or call: 888-782-8170 (United States) or +972.3.767.8020 (Israel).


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Continuity Software



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