Partners Zone

Every Continuity Partner may Register an Opportunity and/or a POC.

Partner may register an Opportunity only after Partner completed a qualified customer meeting.

Once Continuity confirms that the Opportunity is not actively engaged by a different Partner and approves the Registration, the Partner has 6 months to create a POC/HealthCheck or Deal.

If the Partner is successful in securing a POC, the Partner has 6 months (from POC registration) to complete the POC and secure a deal. In order to activate POC, partner must fill out POC form found HERE

Each partner may see all opportunities registered to him by visiting HERE

Obviously, if there’s effective business dialog between the Partner and the Customer which extends beyond the said 6 months period and the Partner is keeping Continuity aware – the Registration is in effect extended. Which means that even with a long sales cycle you have our full support and protection as long as the opportunity remains “alive”. Extension of the registration period may be requested by clicking on :”Extend the period” found on the Opportunity field, and subject to approval.

For obvious reasons, when an opportunity “dies” (for example: (i) POC abandoned and not resumed within 6 months or (ii) 6 months passed with no activity that Continuity is aware of or (iii) Partner does not present a plan to secure the customer or (iv) Customer is over 12 months late with Maintenance/Contract Renewal), Continuity will enable other Partners to engage with the Customer if so requested.

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