On-Demand Webinar: How to Securely Configure Your Dell Storage & Backups

Storage and backup systems are becoming prime targets of cybercriminals as they attempt to infiltrate the enterprise.

It’s not just ransomware that’s top of mind for security and storage teams. Auditors and cyber insurance firms are now taking a much closer look at the security posture of storage & backup systems, as well as regulatory bodies and industry standards, e.g., NIST and ISO.

One thing is clear: strengthening your storage & backup posture has now become a key component of building a solid cyber resiliency strategy.

Dell has included Continuity’s flagship product, StorageGuard, in their portfolio. StorageGuard is a complementary offering to Dell’s PowerProtect portfolio, enabling customers to have complete visibility of all security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in their storage and data protection environment, while hardening these critical systems and automating regulatory compliance.

In this 30-minute webinar, discover:

  • How to improve your ransomware-readiness and overall security posture of storage and data protection environments – with StorageGuard
  • Best practices for securely configuring your Dell storage & data protection systems
  • Tips to significantly reduce the effort required by your ops teams and admins to enforce security policies, prove compliance for audit, and chase down false positive CVE alerts


  • Jason Sweeney, Global Strategy Lead – Data Protection at Dell Technologies
  • Ryan Halter, Enterprise Solutions Lead at Continuity
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