Software defined infrastructure

Software-defined Infrastructure (SDI) is a key business enabler, facilitating higher levels of agility, control, and efficiency for enterprises whose IT environment resides in hybrid or cloud-based datacenters. Adding new components and business apps, and managing them all has become easier, quicker and less expensive with SDI.

Resilience challenges specific to SDIs

One of the big challenges facing enterprises whose infrastructure is software-defined is assuring resilience.  While SDI-based IT environments are generally built to be robust and fault-tolerant, the various infrastructure components still have to be properly maintained in order to avoid misconfigurations and single-points of failure that could lead to service unavailability.  SDI environments are larger, more interdependent, and complex than hardware-based environments. The processes involved in their maintenance include multiple in-house, vendor and other third party IT teams. Each team typically works only on their own particular software or component; such disconnected maintenance in an interconnected environment can further complicate smooth operation.

This is why a separate, automated solution should be in place to detect well-hidden errors and single-points-of-failure before they lead to IT outages and downtime in the enterprise IT environment.

AvailabilityGuard NXG™ helps enterprises avert outages and downtime in SDIs

AvailabilityGuard NXG™ is designed with enhanced capabilities geared specifically to the resilience demands of software-defined infrastructure (SDI). AvailabilityGuard NXG provides improved support for Dell EMC ScaleIO (Dell EMC Software Defined Storage) and VMware NSX (a network virtualization platform for the software-defined data center). The new version can identify misconfigurations that until now, would go unnoticed.

AvailabilityGuard NXG examines the IT environment to discover the risks to service availability. The solution proactively identifies misconfigurations, single points of failure and other errors. It provides a detailed protocol for repair so that these errors can be remedied before they cause disruptions to service or outages. In doing so, it utilizes deep knowledge of vendors’ best practice recommendations and input from the user-community, and employs AI and ML algorithms.

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