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Shift Left to Get Resilience Right

Test early, test often – because you’re the one responsible for the resilience and availability of your cloud business environment


Container Technology + Container Orchestration ≠ Resilience

Container technology has brought many important benefits to enterprise IT but resilience is not one of them


“Look Where You’re Going,” said Mom.

To avoid outages and gain visibility into your IT resilience status, follow that indispensable advice in complex IT environments too!


Inconsistent SAN I/O Configuration

Errors and inconsistencies with SAN I/O and port mapping configuration within the VMware environment may reduce overall performance and degrade the entire system to a single point of failure.


Port Group Configuration Inconsistencies Among Cluster Hosts

Port Group configuration errors and inconsistencies between cluster hosts within VMware virtual environment may cause performance and availability issues that can ultimately prevent critical applications from running.

Best of 2015

2015 Most Popular Resources List

2015 was a fruitful year for us. We published dozens of content pieces such as blog posts, Surveys, eBooks and infographics we hope you liked. Check out what other users and readers found most useful in 2015.


VMware ESX: data loss / downtime risks and how to avoid them

Continuing my previous virtualization posts, I’d like to take this time to describe additional examples of what-could-go-wrong-in-my-private-cloud. Here they are: Replication issues. For instance, a VM


Does Keeping Your Resume Up to Date Count as a Valid HA and DR Strategy?

By Gil Hecht, Founder and CEO, Continuity Software Again and again, we are reminded of just how business critical high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR)

Business Continuity

Cutting HA/DR costs with analytics

Availability, Recoverability and Data Protection are critical to any enterprise. The alternative cost is unacceptable in capital and reputation losses. Thus, significant time, resources and money

Take a Proactive Approach.
Validate your IT and Cyber Resilience

Prevent downtime, data-loss and cyber resilience risks in hybrid IT infrastructure

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