How AvailabilityGuard Works

How it Works

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin


Collect Data

Automatically on Your Entire IT Infrastructure

AvailabilityGuard performs non-intrusive, cross-domain routine scans of your IT infrastructure configuration
(and can integrate with leading enterprise CMDBs).


Proactively Detect Risks

By Analyzing Your Entire IT Infrastructure

AvailabilityGuard automatically checks cross-domain, multi-vendor configuration against a vast knowledge base, and uses predictive analytics to identify single-points-of-failure that could bring down your systems.


Easily Prevent IT Outages

With Actionable Alerts to Relevant Owners

AvailabilityGuard delivers resolution tickets and empowers your IT teams to resolve
risks before they impact the business and require costly firefighting.


Get Valuable Insights

And Complete Visibility Into Your IT Operations

Let us turn your raw data into valuable information that can help you make smarter
decisions and optimize IT operations.

Predictive IT Analytics