Ensure Resiliency & Availability Across Your IT InfrastructureAvailabilityGuard/Enterprise™


AvailabilityGuard/Enterprise™ is a unique solution that empowers IT organizations to ensure resiliency metrics, business continuity objectives and data protection policies are met 24/7/365.

Used by leading enterprises worldwide, AvailabilityGuard/Enterprise™ serves as a common platform for all relevant IT teams to improve IT quality and agility while minimizing IT risk. This makes possible through seamless collaboration and proactive validation of changes across the entire infrastructure stack.

Reduce IT Service Incidents
Early detection of downtime and data loss risks through automated infrastructure configuration validation

Increase Operational Efficiency
Proactively alert the relevant teams with actionable items to correct misconfiguration before costly firefighting takes place

Improve IT Stability
Achieve better configuration quality while shortening rollout times of IT infrastructure changes and upgrades

Verify and Measure Resilience KPI’s
Get immediate visibility into cross-domain metrics and learn if you meet your goals and SLA’s

Proactive Availability Risk Detection

The AvailabilityGuard Risk Discovery Engine™ automatically scans your IT infrastructure in a non-intrusive, read-only mode. It collects up-to-date configuration information from servers and clusters, storage devices, virtual infrastructure, database servers, and from the networks that connect them across physical, virtual, and hybrid environments.

Then, it performs sophisticated analytics on that big data collected and pinpoints any single-points-of-failure or other misconfigurations that can lead to potential downtime and data loss.

The AvailabilityGuard Dashboard & Reports

With dozens of configuration changes taking place on a daily basis, AvailabilityGuard’s dashboard and reports allows IT executives and team leaders to keep their fingers on the pulse and proactively address any newly-detected vulnerabilities before they turn into an actual outage or service disruption.

AvailabilityGuard provides immediate visibility into availability and data loss risks throughout your entire IT infrastructure and their potential impact on critical business services. From the dashboard, you are just a click away from detailed information on any issue.

AvailabilityGuard Dashboard

Resiliency Snapshot Report

AvailabilityGuard Risk Tickets

Infrastructure Topology Module

AvailabilityGuard Server Comparison

Automated Alerts and Notifications

Alerts are sent to the relevant resources when availability or data loss risks are uncovered, allowing your IT teams to proactively address issues rather than firefight outages and costly business disruptions.

To ensure issues are tracked to resolution, AvailabilityGuard automatically creates an actionable trouble ticket, including issue details, its potential business impact, and suggestions for remediation. Trouble tickets can be also generated in your existing IT management system (e.g. HP OpenView, CA Unicenter, Tivoli).

We can identify the possible risks in our current IT operations strategy, making it easier for us to anticipate them and establish proactive measures prior to contingency tests and simulations.

Antonio Castillo
BBVA Bank, Europe