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Enterprise IT Infrastructure

Prevent Your Next Critical Enterprise System Failure

Proactively detect single-points-of-failure and hidden configuration errors across all IT infrastructure layers to avoid your next costly outage. Give your teams the right tools to ensure that your IT systems are always aligned with your service availability and data protection goals.

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Cloud availability risks

Avoid Private Cloud Availability Risks

Avoid downtime and data loss that could put your business at risk by validating your private cloud environment on a daily basis. Detect single-points-of-failure and other configuration errors across servers, virtual machines, storage devices and all other infrastructure layers.

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High Availability Cluster

Verify Your High Availability Clusters Are Failover Ready

Uncover and fix single-points-of-failure in your HA systems and clusters before service issues or data errors occur. Help your IT teams meet high availability goals at all times and avoid costly firefighting.

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Ensure Disaster Recovery

Ensure Your Disaster Recovery Works When You Need It

Make sure that your systems will remain operational and that your data can be fully recovered, thanks to automated, non-intrusive and daily DR validation – the ideal complement to your annual DR tests.

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With disaster recovery management (DRM) solutions such as Continuity Software's IT executives finally have a tool to ensure their DR investments.

David Hill
Principal Mesabi Group

I urge all IT professionals to team with the best technology, service providers and/or expert advisors to design and deploy their cloud, and then ensure its success with a solution such as AvailabilityGuard/Cloud.

Deni Connor
Founding Analyst Storage & Server Strategies NOW

Products such as Continuity Software's are long overdue, and should help shine light on the faults that keep critical recoveries from happening, well before a crisis.

Bob Laliberte
Analyst Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

The uncertainty factor has been eliminated and we now feel more confident that the IT infrastructure configuration is aligned with our HA/DR recovery goals.

Manuel Alonso
Head of IT Systems & Infrastructure State Administration, Spain

Ensuring the availability of applications and data that run on the private cloud is a very difficult task. AvailabilityGuard directly addresses these issues by ensuring best practices through automation, and by finding vulnerabilities long before business impact.

Jean S. Bozman
Research Vice President IDC