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With disaster recovery management (DRM) solutions such as Continuity Software's IT executives finally have a tool to ensure their DR investments.

David Hill
Principal Mesabi Group

I urge all IT professionals to team with the best technology, service providers and/or expert advisors to design and deploy their cloud, and then ensure its success with a solution such as AvailabilityGuard/Cloud.

Deni Connor
Founding Analyst Storage & Server Strategies NOW

Products such as Continuity Software's are long overdue, and should help shine light on the faults that keep critical recoveries from happening, well before a crisis.

Bob Laliberte
Analyst Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

The uncertainty factor has been eliminated and we now feel more confident that the IT infrastructure configuration is aligned with our HA/DR recovery goals.

Manuel Alonso
Head of IT Systems & Infrastructure State Administration, Spain

Ensuring the availability of applications and data that run on the private cloud is a very difficult task. AvailabilityGuard directly addresses these issues by ensuring best practices through automation, and by finding vulnerabilities long before business impact.

Jean S. Bozman
Research Vice President IDC