Transition with Confidence to theSoftware-Defined Datacenter

The Software-Defined Datacenter

The transition towards the software-defined datacenter carries the promise of higher levels of agility, control, and efficiency for IT organizations. At the same time, it presents new challenges.

Given the complexity of the modern datacenter and the high frequency of change, the risk of misconfiguration does not go away with automation. As a matter of fact, it can even increase the risk. If a certain configuration deviates from best practices, automation only helps it spread faster and makes it more difficult to pinpoint.

Avoid Automating Bad Practices

AvailabilityGuard equips infrastructure teams with advanced predictive analytics, risk detection, and outage prevention capabilities across their software-defined datacenters. It allows IT organizations to proactively identify and mitigate hidden design and deployment flaws that may introduce downtime risks and single-points-of-failure across the entire infrastructure.

Serving as a safeguard against the diffusion of bad practices, AvailabilityGuard empowers IT teams to ensure that all systems are properly configured according to vendor best practices and internally-defined standards across all virtual and physical layers.

A Blueprint for a Safe Transition to the Software-Defined Datacenter

AvailabilityGuard helps IT organizations realize the benefits of the Software-Defined Datacenter with greater confidence, providing a blueprint for safer transition towards automation that include:

  • Verification of the existing environment to ensure a clean start
  • Validation of automation scripts in test/sandbox environments
  • Ongoing automated validation of production environments following the transition
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