Private Cloud ResiliencyPrevent Downtime & Data Loss

Prevent Private Cloud Downtime

Automatic Detection of Private Cloud Availability Risks

Running business-critical applications in your private cloud environment without the appropriate methods and tools to ensure your infrastructure is resilient enough to support these business applications is like flying without instruments.

AvailabilityGuard/Cloud provides the means to avoid downtime and data loss that could jeopardize your business by:

  • Detecting risky private cloud configuration errors;
  • Alerting the appropriate team when errors occur; and
  • Empowering you to correct downtime and data loss risks before they impact your business

Proactive IT Risk Detection

AvailabilityGuard automatically scans your private cloud environment in a non-intrusive, read-only mode, collecting up-to-date configuration information from vCenter, storage devices, virtual machines and virtualized database servers.

It then analyzes the information gathered and pinpoints any misconfigurations that could lead to downtime and data loss.

Automated Alerts and Notifications

Automated notifications and alerts are sent to the appropriate resources when availability risks are uncovered, allowing your IT teams to proactively address issues rather than firefight outages and costly business disruptions.

Empowering Your Teams to Take Corrective Action

To ensure issues are tracked to resolution, AvailabilityGuard automatically creates an actionable trouble ticket, including a detailed description of the problem, its potential business impact, and suggestions for remediation. Trouble tickets can be also generated in your existing IT management system (e.g. HP OpenView, CA Unicenter, Tivoli).

I urge all IT professionals to team with the best technology, service providers and/or expert advisors to design and deploy their cloud, and then ensure its success with a solution such as AvailabilityGuard/Cloud.

Deni Connor
Founding Analyst
Storage & Server Strategies NOW

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