SRDF Availability

Automated EMC SRDF Monitoring, Testing and Optimization

Investing in EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) is a solid strategy for keeping critical data available and disaster-restart ready, but it is only the first step.

To ensure your SRDF system is protecting your business well, you need to detect the greatest threat to business continuity: configuration drift.

An End-to-End Solution that Eliminates Configuration Drift

When your production environment configuration “drifts” or becomes different in some way from the remote infrastructure, it creates serious gaps that threaten your ability to achieve your Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives.

AvailabilityGuard automated HA/DR testing and monitoring software can ensure your SRDF systems don’t fall victim to configuration drift. This innovative technology automatically scans your entire infrastructure, detecting hidden problems that can impact recoverability.

AvailabilityGuard Can Help You:

  • Ensure file systems and databases are replicated, taking into account non-storage dependencies such as Oracle hot backup or DB2 IO suspension.
  • Eliminate configuration problems that can hinder recoverability, such inconsistencies within Symmetrix/RDF groups, device groups, composite groups, and consistency groups.
  • Catch RPO or RTO violations, including unintentional suspended replication or erroneous replication.
  • Eliminate single point of failures between the host to the Symmetrix, including paths, HBAs, and array port mappings.
  • Identify both bandwidth, device, and host performance optimization opportunities.


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