IT Operations AnalyticsDetect Host Configuration Errors

Today’s dynamic IT environments make it extremely difficult to keep confugration aligned with best practices at all times.

For example, configuration drift, which occurs when the configuration of your production and disaster recovery infrastructures become out of sync, are inevitable in a complex and ever-changing environment. Eliminating those gaps is a crucial but difficult step to ensure stability, resiliency and recoverability.

Bolster Operation Stability & DR Readiness with Infrastructure Insights

Using AvailabilityGuard’s IT Operations Analytics capabilities to proactively identify single-points-of-failure, misconfiguration and configuration drifts anywhere in the environment, will help you to:

  • Detect Hidden Risks: AvailabilityGuard identifies differences in hardware specifications, such as CPUs and memory, between production and DR/HA hosts. When misconfigurations that can cause potential outage are uncovered, AvailabilityGuard automatically alerts so the conflict can be resolved.
  • Ensure Business Continuity: AvailabilityGuard automatically detects noncompliant configurations so you can stay on top of these potential problems and fix them before business operations are impacted.
  • Ease Failover Testing Pain: Addressing the issues AvailabilityGuard uncovers before running full DR test or HA failover enables you to minimize the number of failures caused by host configuration errors. This can improve your DR and HA testing results, limit the amount of time that the IT organization must devote to the test, and ensure DR readiness.
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