CMDB Analytics

Guarantee High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Data Protection

Your configuration management database (CMDB) stores massive amounts of information about your IT infrastructure assets, relationships and configuration. But because it does not possess analytic capabilities, it is nearly impossible for you to effectively use that information to protect your data and ensure business continuity.

Make the Most out of Your CMDB Repository

AvailabilityGuard™ software from Continuity Software adds a layer of intelligence to your CMDB. AvailabilityGuard automatically scans the entire infrastructure then performs an in-depth analysis of the information it collects, along with the information stored in your CMDB, to identify issues that could impact availability, recoverability, or data protection.

With the powerful analytic capabilities of AvailabilityGuard, you will finally uncover the critical information that is buried deep within your CMDB repository. This solution:

  • Works seamlessly with all leading CMDB applications
  • Enhances the CMDB’s ability to collect information directly related to DR, HA and data protection
  • Extends the value of your CMDB investment
  • Automatically analyzes all information collected to detect configuration gaps or vulnerabilities that could result in downtime or data loss
  • Instantly alerts you to potential problems so you can address them before business operations are impacted
  • Identifies opportunities for optimization or improvement in the environment

Maximize and extend the value of your CMDB investment.

AvailabilityGuard provides assistance in three distinct areas:

Data Protection: Instantly identify vulnerabilities like storage volumes that are missing an assigned replication device, inadvertently mixed storage with different protection/performance levels/characteristics, tampering risks, and hundreds of others that could result in data loss.

High Availability: Automatically catch errors such as misconfigured cluster nodes, single points of failure across the infrastructure, inconsistent access to storage volumes by the cluster, and thousands of other gaps that can lead to costly downtime.

Disaster Recovery:  Quickly uncover suspended devices that will be unusable in a recovery, file systems that are unusable at the remote site, and thousands of other DR risks that can increase recovery time or even completely derail your recovery.

Ready Out of the Box – No Complex Integration Required!

AvailabilityGuard is simple to install in 48 hours or less, and delivers 100% value right out of the box.

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