Prevent Infrastructure Outages withIT Operations Analytics

IT Operations Analytics

As your IT operations and datacenter grow larger it becomes ever more challenging to successfully meet business goals and keep track of the detailed configuration of your distributed systems. The continuous stream of changes (servers, storage, virtualization, databases and network) puts IT professionals in a constant chase after configuration and best-practice compliance.

When the smallest inconsistency can introduce single-points-of-failure into the environment, putting your entire system’s availability and data protection at serious risk, it is critical to have the complete visibility into your IT operations and identify those risks ahead of time. Do you have the right tools to navigate through the constant state of change while meeting availability and SLA goals at all times? Can your IT teams meet the challenges head-on before they become problems?

Using the Power of Analytics for Operational Excellence

AvailabilityGuard‘s predictive analytics engine automatically scans the IT infrastructure, analyzes the different relations and dependencies and models it. This allows to proactively identify anomalies, single-points-of-failure and potential risks across your entire IT infrastructure. For each risk identified, AvailabilityGuard presents an actionable recommendation that helps IT teams resolve problems and prevent outages before they impact the business.

IT Operational Analytics helps IT executives protect and maximize IT investment and identify trends as they emerge. This complete visibility into IT operations empowers them to make faster yet smarter decisions in order to improving best practices and optimizing IT infrastructure to meet business goals.

Allow Better IT Operations Management

Processing and analyzing the big data collected from your IT operations into understandable information and actionable insights helps increase IT agility and effectiveness, which leads to shorter time to implementation while reducing risk.

Early detection of configuration drifts and elimination of potential risks means production change validation, automated measurement and overall healthier IT operations, which ultimately lead to less unplanned outages.

IT operational Analytics

Make Smarter Decisions

IT Operations Analytics turn your raw data into valuable information through visualization and charts. This provides complete visibility into your entire IT operations that can help you make smarter decisions and optimize IT operations.

IT operations Analytics metrics

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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