Cluster High AvailabilityHow to Ensure High Availability

From Periodic Testing to Continuous Monitoring

AvailabilityGuard/Cluster takes your High Availability testing to a new level by continually validating the configuration of your high availability cluster environment and alerting you when problems exist so you can fix them before they impact operations.

Uncover Hidden Downtime Risks

The AvailabilityGuard/Cluster software automatically scans your entire High Availability environment for configuration disconnects and vulnerabilities which can impact service availability, ensuring that your infrastructure is always aligned with your business protection and availability goals.

Operating in read-only mode, AvailabilityGuard/Cluster automatically scans and analyzes storage, databases, servers, clusters and replication configurations for vulnerabilities such as cluster settings, hardware and software discrepancies, unprotected databases or partitions, and data that cannot be recovered to a consistent restore point.

From Detection to Action: IT Collaboration and Problem Remediation

When a risk is identified, AvailabilityGuard/Cluster issues a ticket that includes detailed description, the potential business impact, and a suggested remediation action. This ticket serves as your interface for collaborating with the appropriate IT resources assigned to fix the issue. When the problem is resolved, AvailabilityGuard/Cluster will automatically validate it and provide a stamp of approval that the risk has been removed.

Take Control over High Availability SLA’s with a Real-Time Availability Assessment Dashboard

Complete real-time visibility gives you unprecedented control over your high availability readiness. But daily High Availability validation doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time monitoring and evaluating test results. The AvailabilityGuard/Cluster dashboard allows you to visually grasp where availability risks exist and what impact they could have on your business, commanding your attention when action is needed.

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