Service Availability ManagementWhy Downtime and Data Loss Happen

Why Downtime and Data Loss Happen

IT Operations Complexity and Lack of Visibility

As the complexity and scale of IT infrastructures grow, ensuring enterprise service availability is becoming increasingly difficult. In this day and age, managing service availability without visibility into downtime and data loss risks across the entire IT environment is like night flying without instruments.

Exponential Growth in Scale

Given the scale of enterprise IT environments and the high frequency of change in all areas of the infrastructure, the only practical way to gain visibility into such threats is through automated risk discovery that constantly scans the entire IT landscape for downtime and data-loss vulnerabilities.

Escalating Urgency – Every Business Service is Critical

We all know that one ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. To meet the escalating demands for 24/7 availability across all business services, IT organizations must adopt predictive capabilities that enable them to eliminate risks before they impact the business.

Cross-Team Coordination

Without the proper processes and tools in place, cross-domain and cross-team coordination becomes the number one challenge for IT organizations in their efforts to ensure service availability, according to our survey results.

Today’s enterprises are managing complex datacenter environments that consist of a variety of applications, platforms, and storage arrays. These environments experience daily changes in configuration and distribution of resources.

Rhoda Phillips

Research Manager, IDC

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