Disaster RecoveryHow to Ensure Disaster Recovery

From Periodical DR Testing to Continuous Verification

You don’t need a crystal ball to know that something has changed in your infrastructure since your last disaster recovery test. In today’s dynamic IT environment, even the best DR test has a limited shelf life. But what if you could actually verify your DR readiness every day?

Automated daily DR verification performed by AvailabilityGuard/DR™ gives you the confidence that your systems will remain operational and your data can be recovered today, tomorrow, and every day from now on – with no additional effort on your part!

From Manual Imposition to Automated Execution

By-the-book disaster recovery tests are extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive. As a result, most DR tests are somewhat of a compromise, often leaving critical portions of your infrastructure untested.

AvailabilityGuard/DR™ continuously scans your storage, databases, servers, clusters, and replication configurations. Running your configuration data against a gap signature knowledgebase with thousands of potential downtime and data loss vulnerabilities, AvailabilityGuard/DR™ is able to pinpoint risks that traditional DR tests often miss, such as standby systems with insufficient capacity, missing critical software updates, noncompliant replication configurations, and data that cannot be restored to a valid consistency point. This is the equivalent of performing millions of manual comparisons every day!

From Detection to Action: IT Collaboration and Problem Remediation

When a risk is identified, AvailabilityGuard/DR™ issues a ticket that includes a detailed description, the potential business impact, and the suggested remediation action. This ticket serves as your interface for collaborating with the appropriate IT resources assigned to fix the issue (the ticket can also be synchronized with your enterprise incident tracking tool). When the problem is resolved, AvailabilityGuard/DR™ will automatically validate it and provide a stamp of approval that the risk has been removed.

Your Business Continuity is Our Priority.

Continuity Software is committed to ensuring that your data is protected and your business continuity is assured. Financial institutions, telecom operators, utility companies, government and military organizations, and many others depend upon our technology and our expertise to ensure DR readiness, and we don’t let them down.

We were able to identify the possible risks in our current DR/HA strategy, making it easier for us to anticipate them and establish proactive measures prior to contingency tests and simulations.

Antonio Castillo
Manager, DR/HA Europe, BBVA

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