Ensure Availability and DR Readiness without Straining IT Resources

IT organizations are under tremendous pressure to ensure that their disaster recovery (DR) strategies will work as promised. Companies go to great lengths to guarantee recovery, investing significant time and effort in the right DR plans, technology and people. But constant configuration changes are a fact of life and configuration errors that impact data recoverability are inevitable.

The DR and HA Assurance Service lets you boost the testing and monitoring of your environment without increasing the burden on your IT resources. Our experts and technology will help you:

  • Regain confidence in your team’s ability to quickly resume business operations in the event of an outage or unexpected downtime
  • Detect potential recoverability risks, quickly understand the potential impact to operations, and resolve them proactively
  • Continually improve your DR best practices and IT change management methodologies
  • Identify and reclaim unused storage so additional storage purchases can be postponed or even cut altogether
  • Eliminate manual test and DR audits, and redirect staff resources to business-critical initiatives
  • Maximize your DR investments
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