Re-thinking re·sil·ience

Today’s business eco-system demands resilient services

Enterprises operate in a complex eco-system of technologies, including on-prem and multiple clouds, to serve increasingly demanding customers, partners and regulators that expect services with always-on availability.  To meet demands, enterprises have increased the use of the latest technology solutions to improve infrastructure and applications resiliency levels. However, IT failures, followed by power failure and cyber-attacks, continue to be a leading cause of outages regardless of the use of best-in-class technology systems.

While resilience status has improved, there is still a lot of work to be done since the increase in use of latest technologies has not led to a corresponding increase in reliability, C-suite confidence and overall recoverability levels. These metrics continue to be at low levels but can be improved with an automated assurance system that enforces standards and best practices. Leading technologies coupled with proactive resilience assurance will lead the way to desired resiliency levels.

Re-thinking re·sil·ience

Join guest speaker Naveen Chhabra, Senior Analyst at Forrester, and Iris Zarecki, VP Marketing at Continuity Software as they discuss the emerging challenges organizations face when working to improve reliability, and some of the new technologies and solutions used to successfully address this problem.

Listen to the recorded webinar to learn about:

»The resilience eco-system

»Investment vs. confidence

»What will help

»The resilient enterprise – challenges

»Case study


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