Protecting IBM PowerHA Clusters Against Outages

In this short video, you will learn how to protect IBM PowerHA Clusters against outages, by using AvailabilityGuard. As part of its nightly process, AvailabilityGuard collects the configuration of PowerHA clusters, AIX LPARs, VIO servers, disk arrays, and more. This configuration data is analyzed to identify issues that can cause PowerHA cluster outages, failover or switchover problems, and other PowerHA or PowerVM issues. (Note: PowerHA for AIX was formerly known as HACMP).

PowerHA Cluster with VIO Server Issue

One of the examples featured in this video showcases an IBM Managed System and a PowerHA cluster. We focus on a specific LPAR PowerHA node, discovering an issue with one of its Volume Groups.

We find that one of the volumes in the group is correctly mapped to a SVC VDisk through the first VIO server (VIOS 1) but not through the second (VIOS 2). Thus, if VIOS 1 fails the PowerHA node will lose connectivity to the storage and users will experience downtime. In addition to the lack of redundancy, using only one VIO server eliminates the performance benefits of load balancing.

IBM PowerHA Cluster: Additional Risks

AvailabilityGuard’s risk-detection engine checks for a large number of PowerHA cluster misconfigurations and issues that are beyond the scope of this introductory video. These include:  key file differences between nodes, PowerHA components in a bad state, cluster storage accessible by unauthorized external host, HBA configuration inconsistency, PowerHA SystemMirror’s best practices (persistent IP label), volumes not presented to the passive node, and more.

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