Getting to the Bottom of IT Outages

In our digital world, unplanned downtime at an organization can be anything from detrimental to disastrous. A recent report stated that occasional service unavailability, technical failures, unrecoverable data, and malicious attacks have been experienced by close to 100% of enterprises. That is, major industries (banks and financial enterprises, telcos, and airlines to name
just a few) that depend on 24x7x365 availability and data, regularly experience sudden downtime.

A recent estimate of the financial costs associated with downtime put the figure at $700B a year in North America alone!

What is causing all these outages? And how is it that after all this investment, the CIOs and IT managers in these enterprises are not confident that they can avert, or at least smoothly recover
from service disruptions?

Get this White Paper and uncover the root cause of IT outages and unplanned downtime and how to proactively prevent them.

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