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Certsys Accelerates Digital Transformation and Boosts Reliability for its AWS Customers by Adopting Continuity Software’s AvailabilityGuard NXG™ Solution

About Certsys

São Paulo-based Certsys serves the Brazilian market with solutions for enterprise that ease and optimize their transition to the cloud. The technology solutions it provides help companies get the most out of the cloud, making them more efficient and innovative as well as agile and competitive while ensuring their proprietary information is kept secure. Certys counts both public and private sector enterprises among its clientele.

The Challenge

Certsys is a trusted technology advisor whose objective is to accelerate its clientele’s digital transformation. It does so by enhancing their use of the right technologies and services which optimize operations and development, ramping up reliability and security, and helping companies to be more innovative.
For business owners within a company, being able to rely on robust technologies they know will continuously deliver builds the initial (and ongoing) trust required between them and the IT/DevOps/Dev teams. Specifically, with Certsys providing a range of new and innovative solutions to their clients, it allows the IT/DevOps/Dev teams to deliver the highest levels of reliability and operational excellence for mission-critical workloads on the AWS cloud.

Preventing IT outages and data loss is a pivotal issue when it comes to a company’s successful cloud adoption and use of new technologies. True to their mission of providing effective and innovative technologies, Certsys was looking for the optimal solution that could be depended on to provide uninterrupted 24/7 availability and protect against data loss and thereby further amplify the reliability gained while scaling up on AWS.

Certsys Searches for Innovative Technologies to Ease the Way into Digital Transformation and Cloud

Cloud environments are known for their complexity, agility and the very frequent changes, upgrades and new services they offer. These same factors however, can and do lead to misconfigurations. That is, the high velocity of changes are typically executed by a range of teams and people not necessarily working in coordination or having the knowledge of what others have implemented. This together with insufficient controls and lack of visibility provide a fertile field for configuration errors and risks to occur.

AWS Well-Architected Framework and the shared responsibility model are some of the reasons AWS customers see fewer disruptions and outages. AWS does its part to maintain the infrastructure and services, but it’s the customers’ responsibility to architect, assemble, configure and operate the environment properly.

Certsys’s goal was to get as close to zero disruptions and outages as possible. Thus, as of late 2018, they have been using Continuity Software’s AvailabilityGuard NXG™ for AWS, an SaaS solution that boosts reliability for their AWS customers, provides control and visibility into risks to availability, increases confidence, and accelerates their clientele’s digital transformation.

Customer Value

With Continuity Software’s AvailabilityGuard NXG™ for AWS operating in the background, Certsys’s clients using AWS enjoy enhanced reliability and continuous assurance for availability. Following a simple 5-minute setup Certsys’s customers are already:

  • Ensuring continuous reliability and resilience in their AWS cloud environments
  • Shifting left to ensure availability while injecting reliability as part of their modern CI/CD pipeline through integration with automation tools
  • Preventing IT outages and data loss incidents before they impact business, thus improving and accelerating the digital transformation
  • Achieving faster response times and reducing operation costs using automatic healing capabilities


Managed Service Provider (MSP), Professional Services, Consulting, DevOps


AI, Analytics and Big-data, Automation, DevOps, Backup & Storage, Cloud Computing – AWS, Azure, IBM, VMWARE, Cloud Reliability, Cloud Security & Compliance, FinOps, IaaS, PaaS.


Certsys is a trusted technology advisor for its clients. Using the AvailabilityGuard NXG™ for AWS solution, Certsys enhances reliability for their AWS customers by:

  • Ensuring reliability and resilience for public cloud environments, including AWS
  • Adding reliability as part of a modern CI/CD pipeline, through integration with automation tools
  • Preventing IT outages and data loss before they impact business, thereby accelerating digital transformation and cloud adoption
  • Achieving faster response times and reducing operation costs using automatic healing capabilities

“By continuously assuring reliability and operational excellence, Continuity Software’s AvailabilityGuard NXG for AWS plays a critical role in our clients' successful transition to the AWS Cloud.”

João Paulo Teixeira

Chief Customer Officer

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Prevent outages and data-loss on your AWS environment

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