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AvailabilityGuard Product Editions

  Departmental Solutions Enterprise Solutions
CloudClusterDRSANEnterpriseEnterprise Plus
Risk DetectionPhysical Servers
(non-virtual infrastructure)
Physical Servers
(virtual infrastructure)
Virtual Machinescheck-duecheck-duecheck-tree
Database Management Systemscheck-duecheck-duecheck-tree
App Server Software
Storage Arrayscheck-duecheck-duecheck-tree
Clustering Software
Replication Mechanisms
SAN Switches
Detect Downtime and Data-Loss Vulnerabilities
Verify Vendor Best Practices
Find Optimization Opportunities
Compare Server Configurations
Reporting & VisualizationIT Configuration Mapping & Visualization
Inventory, Capacity and Utilization
Management Dashboards
Optimization Opportunities
Validation of IT StandardsRecovery Metrics (RPO, RTO, DR Capacity)
Data Retention & Snapshot Management
End-to-End Redundancycheck-duecheck-duecheck-tree
Integration & OptionsCMDB
Ticket Management SystemsOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
External SchedulersOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Distributed CollectorsOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Open Reporting APIOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional


  • 1starsUnix virtualization only (PowerVM, Solaris Zones & Domains, HP vPAR/nPAR)
  • 2starsLimited to HA  risks (DR risks not included)
  • 3startLimited to DR  risks (HA risks not included)
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