Coral™ for AWS

Best-of-Breed for Cloud Data Storage Security
Plus Continuous Assurance for the AWS Well-Architected Framework

How do you know that your AWS environment is consistently architected, assembled, configured and operated properly to assure data security, cyber recoverability and adherence to the AWS Well-Architected framework? 

Coral™ for AWS addresses these very concerns that confront your business on a daily basis

Proactively identify risks to data storage security and non-adherence to AWS Well-Architected

Coral is a SaaS solution, based on proven methodology used by leading enterprises globally. It automatically, proactively and non-intrusively detect risks and misconfigurations throughout all data storage layers including: object storage, block storage, file storage, databases, queuing services  and more. 

Built-in risk detection engine

A built-in risk detection engine that utilizes machine learning algorithms, crowed knowledge, and is based on a proprietary knowledgebase containing hundreds of best practice rules identifies misconfigurations and risks.

Comprehensive knowledgebase includes Well-Architected guidelines

The knowledgebase includes AWS best practices for adherence to the Well-Architected Framework, industry and power users’ best practices. 

Repair risks before business is impacted

Once risks are identified, Coral automatically provides information on their urgency, severity and domain. A detailed description and the recommended path for resolution are presented to the appropriate team for immediate remediation, before your business is impacted. 

A comprehensive, up-to-date and detailed picture of the health of your AWS environment can always be viewed on the intuitive solution dashboard.

Automatically and continuously stay ahead of risk scenarios

The solution continuously identifies misconfigurations that can lead to data breaches and data-loss and automatically assures adherence to the AWS Well-Architected framework. 

Focus on your core competencies and bottom line

Coral lets DevOps and development groups spend their time on development rather than on firefighting. Managers can focus on growth without worrying about the data storage security and protection of apps and services.

Did you know that security degrade from day 1?

On the cloud, speed is the name of the game. But, more often than we realize, security and cyber-recoverability are sacrificed to speed. The fertile ground for misconfigurations and errors in the AWS cloud is laid by numerous changes that take place every single day: many new apps and services are released; multiple, disconnected teams make changes to your environment. Data loss, security breaches, and more can result, including deviations from AWS Well-Architected guidelines.  So, even if on day 1 you start out misconfiguration-free, meticulously adhering to Well-Architected, the situation will deteriorate in the cloud’s multi-layered and interconnected infrastructure. 

These circumstances are a continuous threat to a business’s operations and data security. To successfully handle these real risks in your AWS environment an automatic, proactive and proven solution is needed. 

Coral for AWS meets continuous threats to your AWS environment with continuous checks for potential risk situations.  The solution gives businesses advance warning of threats and the time to repair them so that your business activities can securely proceed, uninterrupted. 

Key solution benefits

  • Prevents security and data-loss incidents before they impact business
  • Automate adherence to all five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Proactive validation and shift left to eliminate risks as soon as possible as part of a modern CI/CD thus reducing cost compared to fixing flaws in productions
  • Facilitates automated self-healing to achieve faster response time and reduce operational costs

Solution highlights

Prevent data breaches

Stay consistently informed about the level of your AWS environment’s data storage security. Know where you stand and remediate to continuously improve.

Data-loss prevention

Ensure misconfigurations don’t make your data vulnerable to loss or theft. Plug all holes to protect your organization’s data before it is lost, damaged, stolen, or unrecoverable.

Continuous assurance for the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Make adhering to the AWS Well-Architected Framework’s pillars the organizational norm. Enhance your data storage security and cyber-recoverability by automating and continuously assuring you comply with AWS standards and best practices.

AWS case studies

Certsys Assure Adherence to AWS Well-Architected

Certsys Adopts Continuity Software’s Coral™ for AWS to Assure Adherence to the AWS Well-Architected Framework

CloudZone Boost Reliability and Prevent Data Loss

CloudZone Adopts Continuity Software’s Coral™ for AWS to Boost Reliability and Prevent Data Loss

Telco Meets Reliability Goals

Coral™ for AWS: The Tool a European Telco Needed to Meet Reliability Goals and Prevent Outages

Fintech Ramps Up AWS Reliability

A European Fintech Company Ramps Up Reliability and Security in Its Native AWS Environment

Take a Proactive Approach to
Achieve Best-of-Breed AWS Infrastructure

Automate adherence to the AWS Well-Architected Framework

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