Ensure Disaster Recovery ReadinessAvailabilityGuard/DR™

AvailabilityGuard/DR is a unique IT operations analytics solution that provides visibility into your entire IT infrastructure and enables you to ensure your business continuity and disaster recovery readiness.

  • Detect disaster recovery and business continuity risks across your entire IT infrastructure.
  • Alert the relevant teams to enable them to collaborate on a solution.
  • Correct configuration issues and other vulnerabilities to verify your DR readiness.

An End-to-End Disaster Recovery Management Solution

Serving as a common platform for business continuity and IT to manage enterprise readiness, AvailabilityGuard/DR enables leading organizations worldwide to:

  • Validate that production and replication environments are always in sync
  • Automatically detect infrastructure vulnerabilities that could impact DR readiness or availability
  • Measure and audit your ability to meet RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTO (Recovery Time Objectives).
  • Complement point-in-time DR testing with automated, continuous monitoring of DR readiness
  • Continuously audit and improve business continuity policies and practices
  • Maximize the return on DR and HA investments

Proactive DR Risk Detection

The AvailabilityGuard Risk Discovery Engine™ automatically scans your IT infrastructure in a non-intrusive, read-only mode. It collects up-to-date configuration information from servers and clusters, storage devices, virtual infrastructure, database servers, and the networks that connect them across physical, virtual, and hybrid environments.

Then, it analyzes the information gathered against the continuously updated Risk Signature Knowledgebase™ and pinpoints any misconfigurations that can lead to potential downtime and data loss.

The AvailabilityGuard Dashboard

The dashboard provides immediate visibility into Disaster Recovery risks throughout your DR infrastructure and their potential impact on critical business services. From the dashboard, you are just a click away from detailed information on any issue.

Automated Alerts and Notifications

Automated alerts are sent to the relevant resources when Disaster Recovery risks are uncovered, allowing your IT teams to proactively address issues rather than firefight outages and costly business disruptions.

To ensure issues are tracked to resolution, AvailabilityGuard automatically creates an actionable ticket, including the issue’s details, its potential business impact, and suggestions for remediation. Trouble tickets can be also generated in your existing IT management system (e.g. HP OpenView, CA Unicenter, Tivoli).

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Products such as Continuity Software definitely help shine light on the faults that keep critical recoveries from happening, well before a crisis.

Bob Laliberte
Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

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