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Continuity Software Launches StorageGuard, Uncovering Hidden Security Risks to Critical Data Storage Systems

Continuity Software’s new StorageGuard solution enables enterprises to meet information security audit requirements and protects high value data assets

New York, NY – June 4, 2019 – Continuity Software™, the leading provider of proactive IT and cyber resilience assurance solutions for hybrid IT environments, today launched its new StorageGuard, which runs on the Company’s Resilience Assurance Platform. The new technology offers automated, daily cyber resilience validation, eliminating security risks for critical data systems, allowing enterprises to meet information security baseline requirements and achieve regulatory compliance.

In order to protect against the inevitable cyberattack and safeguard their IT environments, enterprises are using technologies to secure end-points, networks and operating systems. However, data storage system configurations have gone unprotected, relying on the rationale that if the outer perimeter of the IT environment is protected, then infiltration to core data storage systems will be prevented. This could have detrimental effects as many enterprise applications rely on the data in this storage environment for continuous and seamless operation.

Hackers have demonstrated that they can gain entry into protected and secured networks, leaving the enterprise’s most valuable data vulnerably sitting in inner-core data storage systems. Common attack scenarios, such as stolen credentials, malware and ransomware can result in data theft, total data deletion or corruption, a large-scale outage, and irrecoverable data loss – when executed at the data storage level. A compromised storage system can lead to multi-system failure.

Continuity Software’s StorageGuard provides enterprises with a comprehensive cyber resilience solution while also enabling them to prepare for and meet information security audit requirements. The technology analyzes the configuration of on-prem and cloud data storage systems and detects vulnerabilities that pose a security risk to critical business data. It enables automatic detection of violations of vendor security best practices, community-driven best practices, security baseline requirements, ransomware protection and cyber-recoverability guidelines, non-compliance with leading standards, and vulnerabilities.

“Today’s security environment is overcrowded with solutions offering advanced protection, however, there is a major gap in the security of data storage systems,” said Gil Hecht, CEO of Continuity Software. “Our team designed the StorageGuard to guarantee our customers complete IT resiliency by securing all critical data, preventing downtime and ensuring recoverability in the inevitable case of a cyberattack.”

To learn more about how companies can ensure their core data storage systems are protected, join Continuity Software’s webinar on Tuesday, June 18, at 11am EST.



About Continuity Software

Founded in 2005, Continuity Software helps the world’s leading organizations, including 6 of the top 10 US banks, to achieve resilience in every type of IT environment. Our solutions proactively prevent outages and data loss incidents on critical IT infrastructure. As a result, unplanned infrastructure outages are reduced by over 80%, and configuration errors are resolved before they turn into costly service incidents. Our proven technology and methodology now encompasses cyber-resilience. Our solutions protect mission-critical data residing in vulnerable storage systems against cyber-attacks, prevent data loss, and ensure data recoverability. For more information, please visit https://www.continuitysoftware.com, email: info@continuitysoftware.com, or call: +1-888-782-8170 (United States).

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