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This form is used by Continuity Software’s development team to identify DR, HA and data protection gaps that can threaten service availability and business continuity. A gap can be submitted by anyone who would like to contribute to our comprehensive gap knowledgebase.

The form has two parts:

  • Author Details: Please complete this section so we can contact you should we need clarification about your gap submission. Providing these details will also allow you to inquire about whether your suggested gap has been incorporated into the knowledgebase.
  • Gap Details: Please provide as much detail as possible about the gap. Keep in mind that you, as the person who has identified the gap, have more knowledge than the reader who is learning about it for the first time. Write with the reader’s perspective in mind and add as much background information and details as possible. This can help minimize the need for additional clarification.

Thank you for contributing to the AvailabilityGuard gap knowledgebase!

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