Coral for Public Cloud™

In the public cloud, who’s responsible for your reliability and security?   

Coral automatically detects security risks and misconfigurations to cloud storage and non-adherence to best practiced from vendors, the industry, power-users, and cloud providers.  

It’s time you had confidence in your public cloud environments. 

Coral for Public Cloud

Coral helps you prevent data breaches, outages and compliance issues. It includes a built-in risk detection engine containing hundreds of best practices identifies misconfigurations and risks. 


Prevent data breaches for public cloud environments


Automate adherence to cloud providers’ frameworks


Inject proactive validation as part of your CI/CD pipeline


Facilitate automated self-healing to achieve greater security

How to succeed with Cloud Storage Hardening

In this webinar, we show how to proactively identify risks to storage security and non-adherence to AWS Well-Architected Framework.

See Coral for Public Cloud in Action

Discover how Coral for Public Cloud will help you prevent data breaches, outages and compliance issues

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