There’s No Time for Downtime

Quick Guidebook: Top 10 Private Cloud Risks

by Gil Hecht on June 10, 2012

Enterprises routinely build Disaster Recovery and High Availability measures into their private cloud infrastructure, so why do downtime and data loss risks still exist?

Reality is that even the most robust Disaster Recovery and High Availability (DR/HA) plans are only as good as your ability to test them.

To help you out, we have assembled a community-driven database of over 4,000 issues that pose downtime and data loss risks.

While we would love to share them all, you can start with a peek at ten top risks in the private cloud environment.

Gil Hecht
Gil Hecht
Gil Hecht is the founder and CEO of Continuity Software. Previously, Gil was the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Savantis Systems, the leading provider of database virtualization solutions, Gil was also the Vice President of Business Development at Aladdin Knowledge Systems.

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