SLA Management™ Now Available in RecoverGuard 5.0

The planning and execution of disaster recovery procedures often involves multiple teams within an organization, including business continuity managers, as well as storage, system/application, and other groups within the IT department.  However, poor communication and collaboration, as well as conflicting objectives, can create a disconnect between these various teams.  As a result, they often over- or under-provision the disaster recovery systems designed to ensure data protection and availability – causing either unacceptable exposure or significant waste of resources when an event occurs.

Our new Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management module, available with RecoverGuard 5.0, can help organizations overcome these challenges, providing them with a robust solution that ensures sufficient protection at all times, while eliminating the wasted money or staff time associated with over-provisioning.  Those responsible for business continuity and data protection will gain greater control over and visibility into the storage resources they dedicate for disaster recovery purposes.

With a broad range of powerful capabilities, our SLA Management solution can enable companies to avoid the problems typical of disaster recovery procedures, such as lack of redundancy, too few copies of critical data, and over-inflated costs.  This empowers them to more effectively and economically optimize storage allocation and utilization to meet application performance goals and requested service levels.

Key features of our SLA Management module include:

  • An intuitive, business-oriented SLA definition builder that makes it easy for even those users with little or no technical savvy to define levels of service, and associate them with services, servers, databases, and other technology assets.  For example, users can define how often remote copies are refreshed, the type of storage to be used, how long local copies will be retained, or the level of redundancy (if any).
  • Comprehensive reporting that allows IT staff to assess existing service levels, and compare them to policies and guidelines.
  • Real-time alerts that immediately notify stakeholders when deviations from SLA rules take place.


Visit our Web site to learn more about our new SLA Management module, and how it can help your business achieve maximum data protection, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

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