New release provides end-to-end solution

by Doron Pinhas
VP, Field Operations

All contributors to this blog try very hard not to hype our company’s products and services. Our posts are written to offer insights on a topic and technology we all know very well – DR and HA. However, today I’m going to break from that position just briefly. Continuity Software has announced RecoverGuard 4.0, a new version of its automated HA/DR testing and monitoring solution. I’d like to share with you because it really does represent a major technological advancement.

With new support for clusters, root cause analysis, high availability gap detection and reporting, RecoverGuard is now a complete, end-to-end solution (from protection of data through availability) for ensuring business continuity.  This is significant because for the first time it will give you visibility into your HA infrastructure – which has never been possible before.

If you’d like to learn more about this important new release, you can:
Read the press release
Watch the on-demand webinar Solving HA/DR Configuration Drift
Check out what the press and analysts had to say

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