A few DR testing mistakes to avoid

by Doron Pinhas
VP, Field Operations

1. Don’t keep your ECC Server available in production in a DR test.  Storage management tools such as ECC are the main tools used by system and storage administrators to understand and configure the relationship between servers and storage devices. It is common practice not to map all replica devices to the DR servers during normal operations. However, if a valid and current DR ECC environment is not maintained, there may be no easy way to tell how to map thousands of unmapped devices to the appropriate DR servers. In the stress and confusion that accompanies disaster events, this may lead to significantly extended recovery time.

2. When running a DR test, many companies will just confirm the application started or, at best, run one or two transactions before returning to production. The danger with this shortcut is that real system usage is not simulated, so it is impossible to determine if there are underlying problems – database dependencies, for example, or the ability to support the true production load – that could have an impact in a real failover event.

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