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Check out this article: Symantec enters DR testing game

by Gil Hecht on November 7, 2010

by Yaniv Valik
SR DR Specialist, DR Assurance Group

I thought you might be interested in reading this InfoStor article about Symantec’s launch of Veritas CommandCentral Disaster Recovery Advisor, which they have OEM’d from Continuity. There were some stats from Symantec research that caught my eye:

30% of DR tests fail
32% of organizations say testing will impact their customers
21% of those polled believe testing could negatively affect sales and revenue

Interesting reading:

Gil Hecht
Gil Hecht
Gil Hecht is the founder and CEO of Continuity Software. Previously, Gil was the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Savantis Systems, the leading provider of database virtualization solutions, Gil was also the Vice President of Business Development at Aladdin Knowledge Systems.

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