Why High Availability Fails

Configuration Drift: The Greatest Threat to Service Availability.

Configuration drift — an inevitable condition in today’s constantly changing data center — occurs when production or primary infrastructure configurations “drift” or become different in some way from the recovery or replicated infrastructure. Not surprisingly, configuration drift is the primary reason High Availability (HA) systems fail, exposing businesses to extended downtime and possible data loss. While a single configuration gap can severely impact service availability and resiliency, these inconsistencies often remain hidden until it is too late.

With RecoverGuard in place, the uncertainty factor has been eliminated and we now feel more confident that the IT infrastructure configuration is aligned with our HA/DR recovery goals.

Manuel Alonso

Head of IT Systems & Infrastructure

State Administration, Spain

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27 Hidden High Availability Risks

Failover Tests May Still Leave Your Systems Vulnerable.

Traditional periodic failover testing is simply not enough to ensure business continuity and service availability. In today’s dynamic IT environment, even the best designed test has a limited shelf life. A single undetected configuration error can undermine even the best-designed high availability program, just when you need it most. Continuous, automated monitoring is the only way to ensure your high availability systems will provide the resiliency expected by your business at all times.

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Risk-free Service Availability Health Check

Vendor-specific Solutions Provide Only Partial Coverage.

While some cluster vendors provide limited monitoring capabilities for their specific solutions, AvailabilityGuard/Cluster covers your entire cluster infrastructure — including storage, networking, OS configuration, cluster resources and service groups as well as all leading clustering software — providing a single point of control over your high-availability readiness.

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