The Vulnerability Index Benchmark

There’s No Time for Downtime

The Vulnerability Index Benchmark

by Yaniv Valik on December 26, 2012

Based on data gathered from 88 organizations worldwide, the Vulnerability Index Benchmark by Continuity Software provides a first of its kind measurement of downtime and data loss risk for each organization, grouped by industry sector.

Get your complimentary copy of the 2011 Vulnerability Index Benchmark study and find out:

  • Which areas of the IT infrastructure present the greatest HA/DR risks?
  • Which industry sectors exhibit the highest levels of downtime and data loss risks?
  • What types of HA/DR risks are most common at each sector?
  • How can you compare your risk to your industry peers?

Download the  2011 Vulnerability Index Benchmark study

Yaniv Valik
Yaniv Valik
VP Product Management & Customer Success at Continuity Software

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